FUDCon Berlin

I just got back from this year’s EMEA FUDCON in Berlin with Nicu . I didn’t have time to write anything while I was there because so much was happening all the time.

FUDCon and LinuxTag

LinuxTag wasn’t really the purpose of our visit, but we got free tickets so I checked the place out for a while. There were lots of booths and some speeches (mostly in German). There were also some activities, but I really didn’t get to any of them since most appeared to be German-only. I was a bit disappointed, eLiberatica had way better talks and guests.

FUDCon was nice. The first day was a little slow to start, but the BarCamp session the next day was very interesting and diverse. More of that would’ve been nice. Some of the cool topics I enjoyed were: koji at CERN, git for hackers, Fedora EKG and UI Design. The last day was mostly random hacking by people who already had something to work on. I did a bit of pkgdb hacking on my own and then went Berlinxploring.


The city was awesome. I haven’t been to a lot of different countries, but right now Berlin is my favourite. Its public transportation is awesome, the people are polite, friendly and everyone can speak English. There were a lot of trees everywhere, the temperature was really cool and there were wild bunnies in the parks! I separated from the crowd two times to go visit the city and I got to see some stuff I would’ve missed otherwise. It was also cool because what I did was basically ride the train and get off whenever I would see something interesting. I went to the Brandenburg gate and the Governmental district and also got a closer look of the bombed church. I also went to a cool flea market.

German Beer

The best part of the whole conference were the nights out at the restaurant, I think. I and Nicu were lucky to tag along to a few people from Red Hat before the majority of people had arrived. We got to see some nice places that way, especially thanks to Jesse’s iphone. I got to eat indian food, assembly line sushy and we were also at the local Zoo. I soon found out that my English was a bit slow and so I couldn’t keep up with their constant witty joking so I sort of gave up and switched into listening mode.
The nights-at-the-restaurant got better and better as more people arrived. We went to a small restaurant right under the railways for free pizza (thanks Red Hat!) where I met a few of the newly arrived people and had some interesting chats mostly about fedora and Red Hat.
The next day we went looking for a Sudanese restaurant, but ended up at a Cuban restaurant with cool waitresses. I got to taste the first real German beer and socialised with some of the other European guys which was really fun.
The last night was the best night. We had interesting discussions about fonetics(!), German beer, the Dutch language and RMS among other things. They also had the greatest dark German beer, which I forgot the name of. Real traditional German beer really doesn’t compare with any other beer. It’s a whole different beverage and an awesome one.


Overall I think it was a great experience. I got to meet a lot of interesting and smart people from all over the world who all shared a passion for their work and for Fedora.
So these are sort of the words to Nicu’s photos which explain the rest, only better.

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